MeraKisan Pvt Ltd is Associate of Mahindra and Greenyard, Belgium. We are prominent leader in agribusiness closely working with various farmers and FPO assuring purity and quality of the food. The brand cares customers in terms of health and and taste. We work in essential human food commodities such as fruits, Vegetables, Staples and Organic Products. Since its inception, we have witnessed unmatch growth fuelled by an active foreign investment strategy, establishing relationship with specialized food producers across India.

Farm Sourcing

Working with farmers is core of Merakisan. Building strong relationships with farmers is successful working foundation of MeraKisan. We ensure product quality and organic certifications of the farmers/FPOs with our own locally based field officers and many times farmers/FPOs approach us through the word of mouth from their communities. We are specialised in sourcing certified organic produce from various location across India where it is specially grown and this complex yet promising algorithm is USP of MeraKisan. We encourage and thus source best quality produce directly from the farmers who believe in ethical farming practices. Empowering our farmers is what we are striving for. We also support farmers for certifications and guidance.

Organic Tracebility

Maintaining the high quality organic products for our customers is imperative to us and so to farmers.We keep strict checks on quality by maintaining a relationship with our farmers throughout the growing season and continuous farm visits by our field officers. We believe and follow multiple quality checks at different levels starting from farm level till the product delivers to our customers. Understanding customers needs and expectations, we train producers accordingly. We assure quality checks with our in-house quality team and technology, reports and setup.Post harvest, required produce sent to processing plants with certified facilities and then packaging of the produce happens accordingly in premises. We also maintain a detailed database and tracking system of our products at every harvest season and track it at farm level so it gives our customer assurance of the traceability of the product. Every product supplied by MeraKisan will be issues Transfer Certificate for traceability

Processing & Packing

Once the crops are harvested one that require processing are sent to MeraKisan’s processing/warehouse plants . These organic-certified facilities process and package the produce according to our strict specifications. MeraKisan team as worked hard over the years to bring the latest processing & Packing technologies to the organic food arena. We’ve overhauled and developed various in-house processes. for seamless production.Visit our headquarters and tour our co-packing facilities located in Pune, Maharashtra .Within our 12,000 square foot building, we have earned a reputation for offering innovative flexible packaging and co-packing solutions. Our numerous certifications further prove our diligence and commitment to excellence concerning every packaging project we accept.


We at MeraKisan strongly believe in delivering the right product to right client at right time with right quality and thus MeraKisan’s strength lies in its reach and capability to sell products to retailers, manufacturers, exporters and end customers. MeraKisan strengthens and bridges gap between Farmers and different consumers. Delivering quality produce and guaranteeing the product safety makes our consumer life easy and hassle free is what the strength of MeraKisan.



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