12 Unique Gift Ideas & Return Gift Ideas for Kids

12 Unique Gift Ideas & Return Gift Ideas for Kids

If you have been trying to find some unique gift ideas for gifting a kid on birthday or any other special occasion, you may find one here. From attractive fridge magnets to stylish glasses and bathing accessories to magic water animals, we have some interesting gift items that can bring a big smile on a kid’s face. 

  1. Cursive Alphabet Rubber Stamps and Ink Pads

Children are always curious about stamps and love to make imprints using stamps. This is a unique set of English alphabet wooden stamps with antique font in rubber. It can be used in various school projects, greeting cards, hand-made invitations, etc.

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  1. Multipurpose Study Table with White Board

A multifunctional foldable table that can be used as study table, bed table, laptop table, or any general purpose mini table. It comes with a white board which makes it a great study tool to practice maths, drawing, note reminders, time table, etc.

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  1. 12 Amazing Capsule Creatures

This product makes for a very interesting gift for kids as the capsule takes an animal form as soon as dropped in water. These magic animals can be used for making bath time more fun. Kids can also use this in parties as part of magic tricks!

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  1. Colourful Wooden Magnetic Numbers

A very bright set of wooden magnetic numbers with peppy prints that can be used as fridge magnets for decoration as well as educational tool for teaching kids.

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  1. Folding Party Glasses

Kids always love to don the best glasses on outings and parties, and this gift will be an adorable costume addition for stylish young kids. It also folds into a cute little beetle which makes for an exciting way to store it compactly yet stylishly.

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  1. Fruit Shaped Pencil Sharpener

Stationery need not be always boring. This fruit shaped pencil sharpener brings some excitement into a chore like sharpening pencil. Isn’t it a great way to make your kid want to study? It also makes for a wonderful return gift.

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  1. Fruit Shaped Stylish Eraser

These wonderful cute erasers in fruit shape are also lovely to be used as return gifts or for your own kids to make study time more fun.

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  1. Lockable Diary

Diaries are a great way to encourage kids’ writing, drawing and imagination skills. Available in their favourite cartoon prints, these diaries can become their best friends in their growing up years. This will be a memorable gift for any child.

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  1. Wooden Animal Magnet Set

This cute set of wooden animal magnets makes for a brilliant gift for small kids to learn about the animal kingdom in a fun way.

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  1. 26 Wooden Alphabet Magnets

An attractive educational set for early learning years. Each letter has a set of eyes which makes the learning process more fun and interesting.

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  1. Cute Cartoon Loofa

These funky cute cartoon loofahs bring a lot of fun to bath time. Scrubbing with loofahs is good for improving blood circulation and removing dead skin cells. This attractive loofa will encourage kids to learn good personal hygiene.

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  1. New Baby Shower Cap

This is a very soft, flexible, and lightweight shower cap for small babies that will allow a safe and fun bathing time. It allows for easy hair shampooing as it keeps baby’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth safe from soap water.

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