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Herbal cleaners

It is a lazy Sunday. One day of late mornings, crazy brunches and bored nothings. For those of you that toil throughout the droning week, this is the one day you get to take care of yourself. Most of the time, you are left with a musty home for the weekend. Thus a major part of your special Sunday is devoted to making your home look spick and span for the coming week.

You may be the one that is infused with an obsessive energy to wipe away every speck of dirt every moment. You might also be the kind that cannot be bothered with such disparities and lounge away till your home gets so dirty that it’s uninhabitable.

We all clean our homes, our dorms and anything else we hold dear. Scrubbing  floors, removing stains, freshening bathrooms – we do it all and more.

The plethora of chemical products available in the market makes it impossible to make the best choice. Every channel swarms with advertisements of shining floors and fake promises. Nobody talks about the harmful health effects caused by the prolonged use of these chemical products.

Herbal Strategi introduces it’s exclusive range of herbal cleaners to ease up your cleaning schedules and protect your health from the harmful effects of the chemical alternatives available in the market.

 Herbal Strategi Bathroom Cleaner:

The Herbal Strategi bathroom cleaner can be used on your bathtubs, bathroom fittings, tiles, basins and sinks with no worry of any deteriorating effects. Usually it is one rigorous day of acids and other coloured chemical solutions to tidy up your bathrooms. But with our cleaners, you got an extremely easy task ahead of you. Apart from reducing calcification and removing stains, they also infuse a breezy aroma within the crevices of your bathroom. This negates your need to make another trip to the store to buy bathroom fresheners.

Herbal Strategi toilet cleaner-

Similarly the other house of germs within your bathroom is the toilet. The toilet cleaner introduced by Herbal Strategi is a natural product that only consists of Herbal ingredients. They can be exclusively used for your toilets and is an effective means to remove the stains and germs infringed in those surfaces. You will end up with shiny and gleaming surfaces in no time!

Herbal Strategi Kitchen Cleaner Spray

Amid the bustle of everyday meals and the stress of washing the multitude of vessels, your kitchen just seems to be getting messier. Spilt oil, unwatched frothy milk, fruit peels and endless water puddles – the process of cleaning a kitchen seems like a waiting disaster. While you usually use chemical sprays that promise glittering surfaces, they only harm your respiratory system and are extremely toxic to your health. Herbal Strategi introduces it’s kitchen cleaner spray that offers you multiple benefits. Apart from gleaming surfaces, they also keep away the mosquitoes and flies that frequent your kitchen and adds in a fresh fragrance of lemongrass.

Herbal Strategi glass cleaner spray:

Transparent glass panes which get spotty and stained by the day. You keep cleaning them every second a random spot or stain appears. Herbal Strategi's glass cleaner spray consists of a wide range of essential oils and hence is non-hazardous to human beings. They act as a safe replacement of the chemical sprays in the market and hence is the healthiest option to be chosen. As an additional benefit, they also keep away pests from colonizing the surroundings.

Herbal Strategi Dishwasher liquid

Have you seen the hands of your maids or those of your hardworking mom’s? They are hard, wrinkled and rough. The smooth, supple softness you see on your hands are rough, peeling patches on their fingers. More often than not, this is because of the harshness of the chemical dishwashing soaps and liquids. Herbal Strategi introduces it’s herbal dishwasher liquid that it made up of aromatic and soapnut oi. It also helps you get through the piled up dirty dishes with gentle and smooth hands.

Herbal Strategi Floor cleaner

The final touch to beaming floors is to mop it till your tiles and marbles shine. At this stage when you use a chemical floor cleaning liquid, you are inadvertently harmed because of it’s toxic constituent chemicals. On the other hand, our chemical floor cleaner offers the benefits of disinfecting the floors and repelling insects along with a sparkling surface. Comprised of herbal ingredients, they offer an effective switchover from all the toxic chemical products you have stashed at home.