Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellants

Mosquito Repellent

A tiring day spent rushing through the dull monotony of everyday life. You return home in anticipation of your comfy blankets and warm food. Within the safe comforts of a healing home, you prepare to doze off for a few blissful minutes.


And there goes your peace. One stray mosquito that keeps buzzing all over the place. One that prepares to zoom in and bite when you are right about to sleep off.

You try swatting it but it is always cleverer and much faster than you.

Soon they multiply and continue their onslaught in huge swarming numbers.

Frustrating hours meant for peace and quiet. Successfully failing swats.The intense fear of using chemical repellents. The desire to protect your body and mind.

Herbal Strategi brings you an exclusive range of Mosquito repellent products that aims to keep away the pesky little pests while also keeping you safe from harmful side-effects.

Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Room Spray

This room spray is unlike any other as it comes with multiple benefits. Use the spray under your beds, in narrow crevices and other hotspots of mosquito breeding. Apart from keeping the mosquitoes away, they also spread the room with an airy fragrance just like a typical room spray. They do more than just freshening the room up with an exotic aroma. The most annoying little tyrant, the mosquito is also kept away.

Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Body Spray (Mospray)

Mosquitoes are a form of trouble that extends far beyond the confines of your home. It might be during the long-drawn minutes of a boring bus ride or an animated dinner night with your family - Mosquitoes can come from anywhere at any time. It is not possible to use a coil or a swatter when you are out on an occasion. So we introduce a specially designed mosquito repellent body spray which can be used anytime you have a need to travel outside. Not only does it keep the mosquitoes away, but it also acts as a safe alternative to all the harmful chemical products available in the market.

Herbal Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are a quite popular feature in all of our homes. Used as a means of freshening the air on a hopeful morning, we find them during prayers and chants to signify new beginnings. But what if they could keep away the nuisance of mosquitoes too? We introduce our Herbal Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks which performs the dual role of eradicating mosquitoes from your place while also infringing an aromatic peace within your homes, gardens and patios.

Herbal Strategi Mosquito Vaporizer (Mosrelief)

Plug-in electronic vaporizers have been the rage among all the methods invented to eliminate mosquitoes. A college student’s funky room or the calming interiors of a formal office, the huge comforters and freshly made beds while you sleep - Vaporizers find a place everywhere. Little do we know of the detrimental effects caused by those chemical vaporizers on human health. Juvenile asthma and premature respiratory illnesses occur due to the prolonged exposure to these chemicals. To make people aware of this danger and help them switch to healthier options, we introduce our own Vaporizer that consists of natural ingredients only.

Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Oil

The tactics to keep away the ever-present mosquitoes have become easier and much more innovative with time. Our mosquito repellent oil requires you to add 8-9 drops of the oil into a small vessel with 30ml of water. This small task when repeated everyday produces natural fumes that is toxic to the mosquitoes only. Free of side-effects and chemicals, they can be used in the heaviest breeding places in and around your home.